Dolor en vez de sonrisas

Yesterday I wrote about my Very Comfortable Leader. Today is devoted to my Very Uncomfortable Leader. My lower back hurts.

We walk up to each other, embrace, and shift weight a few times. I am impressed that he doesn’t rush into motion. But then he clutches my back as if afraid that I will try to escape. He lifts. Why does he lift? Not to suspend me, because look, now we are walking. I am forced into almost-tiptoe walking to stay as lifted up as he seems to want me. I still feel incredible pressure from his right arm on my upper back. A step backwards, and suddenly I am pulled off my axis. Again. And again. I take a deep breath, and as I let it out I feel the pressure from his embrace relax ever so slightly. I am struggling to be comfortable while trying to stay relaxed in hopes that my relaxation will transfer to him. I am focusing all my energy on his steps, his body, and almost none on the music – how could I? It isn’t as thought his steps have any relation to the music, and if I stop paying attention a surprise volcada could injure me. Finally, thankfully, the song ends. I give him another chance, but I do not finish the tanda.

I quickly escape to a seat between two leaders who I trust. One comments that he saw all of the jerking around, being off-balance. I realize that I spent the whole time eyes open, with a look of intense concentration. Never a smile. Thankfully, the rest of the night I was cared for, listened to, and enjoyed many smiles and moments of musical, dancing pleasure. (It was my lesson to be wary of accepting dances with leaders I don’t know and who I haven’t watched on the floor.)


One thought on “Dolor en vez de sonrisas

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of a short post today – on the fedora. That followers are not to trust a leader who wears one – but that we are all glad that they do – because it identifies them as “Fedora Leaders”. It’s like a t-shirt emblazoned with “I’m an idiot!”.At the end of the dance, you should have complimented his lead, and said (invoking all of your feminine wiles) “You’re so good, you should wear a fedora…”

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