Una sonrisa

I think I live for the little moments within a dance that put a smile on my face.

I walk into the embrace, soften and relax my torso, ground myself and feel the length from head to toe, and tune into the music. He takes a step, breathes. I find myself smiling as we connect our breath to each other and to the music. A few more steps, and a pause that is pulled into a few quick steps in time with the rhythm. Another smile. A little more rhythmic play, and then I feel myself getting closer to the floor and, look, I am walking around him. Our torsos respond to each other, rotate together, breathe together. Just as smoothly, we move into walking straight again. A smile with each transition. A breath in, suspension, and then syncopation. I smile (oh, the musicality!), and there goes a little back volcada. A couple of steps accent the final notes of the song, and I feel us both smile as we step away.

He comments that every time we dance, it is even better than the last. That in just the past two weeks my torso has become so comfortable and responsive. For me, he is the epitome of a comfortable leader: We are the perfect heights together, he has a soft embrace with a very clear lead, he uses his torso for both leading steps and conveying his sense of the music, he keeps the steps fairly simple but executes them with feeling and incredible musicality so that I am never bored (far from it! he feels the phrasing, syncopation, … he feels the music and excites me with his interpretation of it – he shows me how I am feeling the music in ways that I didn’t even realize). I say all of this, but it doesn’t necessarily make him my favorite leader.

I can’t pick a favorite, because each time I smile I fall in love with my leader … at least until the next one makes me smile.