When? Very soon, I hope!

Tina just wrote about the idea of asking yourself, with anything you are thinking about doing, “If not now, when?” What a wonderful aphorism! I’m not sure that I have ever asked myself this exact question, but the idea has certainly been there: If I don’t try out [tango, belly dancing, contact improvisation, Persian dance, etc] at this upcoming class, when will I? (And I almost always end up going!) If I don’t go running right now, when will I? (The answer is invariably that I won’t!) If I don’t try out this random job, or try living in this foreign city, or try out this relationship, or try this new hobby, when will I? I have consciously asked myself what I would have to lose or gain from these choices (the gains have been numerous and immeasurable every time). And now I have a concise way of approaching this decision-making!

Miss Tango just told me to save up for a trip to BsAs, and I asked myself – If not now, when? The answer: As soon as I finish my current job (read: very possibly within the year). I think I’ve mentioned it before: I don’t have much vacation time in this job, and I don’t want to rush through a visit to Argentina. I also know that I want to move on from my job to something more exciting and challenging soon. So I’m going to continue using my vacation time for those little, fun trips and save up for the big one. Soon. Most likely in early 2009. And now I have said it out loud: I don’t have an exact date, but the “when” is the downtime between this job and my next. I’ll do it, and I am sure that you will hear about it when it happens!


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