I love the freedom that practicas give to just play. Nothing is so fun as ending each song in a fit of giggles, induced by lots of goofing around to the music. 😀 I spent about half an hour dancing with someone I had rarely followed before, and it was delightful! I tried out different sorts of adornos – because no matter what you think about how they should be used on the milonga floor, hopefully everyone can agree that a practica is a perfect place to experiment and find what suits you and works best. I had so much fun responding to my leader’s embellishments and playing with the music, and we just played around with how it all fit together. And it was a night that was much improved by a little gleeful dancing!

I have found that there are certain leaders and certain styles that work well with adornos, and in those moments I have no fear expressing my musicality with my own personal touches. Other times I find that I have no desire to adorn my dancing, or at least I keep it to a minimum – one leader in particular who I love to dance with simply has a musical sense that matches my own so well I never feel the need to embellish on what he has given me. It’s funny … the inner me is still the same, with the same personality, but it comes out in different ways and looks different from the outside depending on the leader, the song, the mood.


One thought on “Adornos

  1. this is exactly how i feel about different leaders. i have been noticing for a while, that (aside from some who just never give me the space to embellish) with some leaders, i don’t feel the need to embellish at all. and others bring out things in myself that i hadn’t realized were there. 😀 it’s wonderful.

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