This weekend, I experienced the glamour of walking onto the dance floor in Comme Il Fauts. I have no idea if anyone else noticed, but I did. I noticed the balance they gave me (wow! you all weren’t kidding about that!) and the sexy feeling I had with such pretty shoes on my feet. A friend of mine has a pair that she lent me a couple times this weekend, and I fell in love.

I don’t know if I would love all CIFs, but here’s what I noticed:
– The balance was fantastic
– They fit snugly and had a good amount of flexibility to be both supportive and expressive
– They were gorgeous (!)
– The heel wasn’t the typical super-tall CIF heel; it was lower and quite comfortable
– They are a classic style that I know I could keep wearing for a long time (or not such a long time, depending on how often I wear them, haha!)

Now I am just waiting patiently to buy them off of her.