It is wonderful to see friends who have been absent for a while. A friend just returned from a long trip, and our dancing was wonderful and fresh. Our embrace feels more comfortable, we both feel more relaxed. Who knows if it was our respective improvements or just a little variety and a break to breathe some new life into our connection? In any case, it felt good.

Travel is so good for us. Whether we are going to a festival, or to BsAs, or just taking a trip that will involve a little dancing. For one thing, we make new friends and see old ones and generally just solidify the translocal tango community. We learn new things, have our eyes opened, and by the time we come home are exhausted yet excited. We dance with new people or just different people who shake up our habits and expectations. We have the emotional highs and lows that come with encountering a greater density of good dancers, unfamiliar milongas, or just plain travel experiences. And when we return to our home milongas, we are happy to see and dance with those people who might have been same-old-same-old before we left.

Which reminds me: I have some travel planned for later in the year … 😉

And just a side-note: I got some nice compliments on my improved boleos at a practica last night! Whee! I also noticed myself being more sensitive to changes in the embrace. Hopefully I can move from learning the other night and practicing last night to dancing tonight without thinking too hard about it. The real trick is to surrender to the dance without immediately falling back into old/bad habits. Baby steps …