El fin de semana, llena del tango.

I had an interesting tango weekend.

One evening, I went to a venue that I have only rarely attended. There were guest teachers who gave a performance; I have to admit that I don’t tend to enjoy performances as much. Tango performances that are fairly clearly choreographed tend to turn me off, because I don’t see as strong of a connection between the dancers and the music. They seem to be dancing on top of the music rather than within it. It’s funny, because I noticed one teacher dancing socially later in the evening, and his musicality looked wonderful. (I have danced with one of the guest teachers before, but I did not have an opportunity with the others so I can’t talk from experience.) In any case, the whole evening was interesting, although the history that this venue has for poor floorcraft made me a bit tense the whole time.

Another evening this weekend was quite different – a gathering of tanguer@s at someone’s home, which of course included dancing! The intimacy of dancing in a home is lovely, especially with a group of people who seemed to be dancing with the entire room. I had no worries about floorcraft there, and I danced with so many of my favorite people. There is a vibrancy that appears in a small, warm place full of friends. The juxtaposition of these two nights made me realize just how important the venue is to an enjoyable evening: Beginning with the right atmosphere (which includes everyone’s attitude, including your own!) can make a dance with the same leader countless times more enjoyable. It also makes the socializing that happens around the dancing incredibly fun!


2 thoughts on “El fin de semana, llena del tango.

  1. House milongas are nice. I hosted a few in Colorado, and attended more there and in Austin. They are much more homey/friendly. I’m not sure why more people don’t host them. I suppose not having a wood floor might be an issue.The ones I did in Colorado were nice in that we would go until the wee hours of the morning, and I had enough beds and sofas that about half of the people would crash there at the house. Then we would wake up dance again in the bright morning sunlight – while I prepared grilled applewood smoked bacon and my famous homemade from scratch buttermilk pancakes.Those were the days.

  2. Yes, I think it’s mostly a matter of having a floor that is good for it. I have been to a couple house milongas now, and I love them. It’s part of why I am looking for an apartment with a wood floor. 😉

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