El tango nos pide mucho

Ok, back to shoes for a moment: Am I the only person who really doesn’t like the sort of racing stripe on the heel of NeoTangos? They have some shoes that are just the style I am looking for, except that I hate the way that the strap curves down on the heel. Bleh! On the other hand, this is a good way for me to refrain from splurging on more shoes than I can afford … 😉

Also, for the first time in my life I am dying to have hardwood floors. I have always liked having carpet, because it feels more homey and comfortable to me. But I would love to be able to just move the coffee table aside and instantly have a good practice space. My tiny kitchen floor just isn’t cutting it anymore. Tango really does demand an entire lifestyle change! Do we see a move on the horizon? (Well, yes. But I promise, it isn’t just for a new floor!)