¿Adónde voy?

I have been reading about the certain something about Buenos Aires, the energy and life and tango there that does not exist in quite the same way anywhere else. Friends who have been to Buenos Aires tell me that they think I would fall in love with the city – and they were just talking about the city, not the dancing. Once I am ready (can you ever be ready?) I want to go there, experience everything about Tango Mecca.

But I want to get as much out of it as I can. Before I went to a Spanish-speaking country, I got myself to the point where going there would make me fluent. I want the same with my dancing. I don’t want to go just to see it and be overwhelmed and perhaps pick up a thing or two – I want to go when I have enough technique and style and spirit that I really develop my dancing from the experience. To be at a stage where I can fall in love with the uniqueness of Buenos Aires and the dancing there.

So I am resolving to travel a bit more domestically, to take in other big tango scenes here, before I make the Hajj. Are there places in the US that are more or less rites of passage, that help prepare a dancer for bigger trips or introduce unique elements (techniques, feelings, crowded floors!) to one’s dancing? Or can nothing prepare you for that first trip to Buenos Aires? In some ways I am anxious to visit, but in many ways I am excited to get more dancing experience before I go. Plus, all of this waxing poetic about Buenos Aires is making me nostalgic for my favorite Spanish-speaking city – it’s hard to plan trips when you can’t pick just one beautiful foreign country to visit!


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  1. Welcome to tango blog world, ModernTanguera. I have wrote while in BA last Novemeber and I will write more about visiting and having a good experience there. There are ways to make it work well, and a lot of mistakes that I saw people making. As far as places in to dance, I don’t know where you are, but Portland Oregon is a very fine place, and I am in Seattle which I love, but it has it’s drawbacks. Email me if you want.

  2. Thank you! I have noticed that the tango blog world is fairly extensive, and as much as I value the opinions of local tanguer@s I figure I might as well see what advice other bloggers have about travel. I am hoping to make it to Seattle relatively soon, and Portland is on my list of places to go as soon as I can. Perhaps I’ll drop you an email when I have a moment, but until then I’ll zip on over to your blog. 🙂

  3. I would save up and come to Buenos Aires. Although I personally have never been to a Tango Festival and I am sure they are quite fun. Absolutely nothing can prepare you for BA. And I would not come down here for less than 3 weeks. Many people do, but any one who has, has expressed regret for not making the trip longer.

  4. Yes, Miss Tango, that seems to be the consensus: Nothing prepares you for Buenos Aires. And the vague plan in my head at this point is to go down probably for 3-4 weeks, at least. I will have to wait until I can quit my job (I only get 10 days of vacation a year!), but then I think I’m going to make the trip down.

  5. seriously…you have to quit your job to go? i always went on four week vacations with all my jobs, when technically we only got two weeks, i would just tell them i was doing it…chau see you when i get back!

  6. I could give that a try, but I better be ready to quit my job if they don’t approve! I have gotten away with taking some extra time off, but only by spacing it out rather than taking one extra-long trip. Actually, I don’t plan to work my current job for more than a year or so more – which would be a good amount of time for me to save up and get ready for the trip – so I’m serious when I say that I’ll probably wait until I’m ready to quit and then just go travel without worry.

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