Palabras del pasado II

Thoughts from one of the first few milongas I went to:

The milonga tonight rocked.

Near the end of the night, [the friend I came with and I] were both getting tired. I resisted getting ready to leave because I hadn’t had a chance to dance with the DJ, and I love the musicality and energy of dancing a milonga with him. But he was busy dealing with the music, so I took my shoes off. Right after I got my shoes off, he came over and asked me to dance! I felt really good about him coming right over to me, so of course I put my shoes back on for him. So glad I did. It was really fun, and I continued my trend for the night of pulling off things that I had never really learned before.

I distinctly remember that night. What follower doesn’t love having one of her favorite leaders come right over for a dance? Especially as a beginning dancer, it was a thrill – and it still makes me smile, even though I know that this leader is one of the number of leaders who consciously makes an effort to encourage new dancers. Plus the fun of being led into something new, thinking, “Hey, wow, that was cool! . . . What did I just do?!”